Climbing at Squamish- North Apron at The chief

With the weather getting warmer and dryer, I have been very fortunate enough to be invited out again this weekend (3rd weekend in a row) to do some trad and sport climbing at Squamish. Being able to go out and climb at such a varied and amazing venue, I believe that by the time my […]

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Climbing at Smoke Bluffs- Squamish

Last weekend I was fortunate to find a climbing buddy willing to drive me and him to Squamish for my first outdoor climbing session this year and in Canada overall. The weather was inviting and I have been dying to go outdoors, especially in Squamish. My climbing partner for the day was a very experienced […]

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A Dream of White Horses

This iconic 140m, 4 pitch HVS 4c, 3-star sea cliff climb is UK classic!!! After reading a little bit more into it, and gaining some knowledge from fellow climbers that have done the route themselves, I felt my current confidence and experience was enough to have a go at part leading it safely.

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Another Weekend in Wales

Besides planning to get my foot no summit of Tryfan for the first time, 2 days in Wales was enough to make memorable memories like getting lost on the way back from the climb at Dinas Cromlech, learning couple more rope skills, meeting new people and just enjoy the nature and sun supplying us with […]

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climbing at the roaches – valkyrie

Last weekend I have headed out for anther climbing venture at the Peaks, a familiar venue of The Roaches. All three of us wanted to have a go at leading, and since I wasn’t sure what to get on with, my climbing buddy has suggested giving Valkyrie a go. Weather on the day started a bit cold […]

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Climbing at the Roaches- Hen Cloud

Hen Cloud Central Climb Direct

So another sunny weekend and anther climbing venture. This time my buddies suggested Hen Cloud crag, and since I’ve been to The Roaches before I knew this will be a good venue. With sunny weather forecast, I made sure to have plenty of sunscreen re-applications to avoid another sunburn. We have planned for arrival at […]

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Climbing at Harborough Rocks Derbyshire

Harborough Rocks Derbyshire

Most of us climbers are very keen on climbing ASAP but we still have to stay cautious and alert due to Covid-19. Of course, there is already a number of us out there climb/ boulder, keeping to the social distancing measures of course. This time we have visited Harborough Rocks which consists of some small trad climbing routes and some exciting bouldering/ free climbing problems. Very good for beginners…

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Growing trad climbing gear rack as a beginner

Trad climbing gear setup for a beginner

With these new additions to my rack I can now most likely be fine on single pitch short climbs, and on any  multi pitch routs, I can always borrow a set of nuts, cams and quickdraws from fellow climbers.

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Climbing Blind- be inspired by Jesse Dufton

Interesting story here. When I started climbing at my local bouldering centre called The Climbing Station in Loughborough last March, I have noticed one regular climber that would boulder with a blindfold on. He did always have his partner alongside him, and she would sometimes guide him through the routs. Now, never in milling years […]

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