Building a healthy and sustainable food system

EAT-Lancet Commission allocated 37 professionals to carry out a research over 3 years to create a “planetary health diet” that’s healthy and sustainable for the world. If the majority of communities around the world adopt this dies we will reduce the GHG by about 60% or more depending on the region, and we will cut down premature death by 19%.

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Mindfulness and Me

Yoga Drawing

Practising mindfulness simply means being aware of the physical and mental state of our body and mind on a daily bases, and looking deeply into what living means to us.

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Question – Should we place a monetary value on ecosystem services?

We are exploiting Earth from its natural resources with the human population increasing. If we continue to value natural resources as we currently are and continue to take it for granted, resources will not have enough time to replenish, and eventually we will be in deficit.

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