What to do if I can’t run?

Beacon Hill Topscope Longbridge Walk

I have been doing around the time it started, he have unofficially diagnose me with tibia stress fracture.
All the joys, no more running for 6 weeks, just loads ice and chill for my leg 😦
So what do I do if I can’t put much pressure or consistent impact on my left tibia …

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Plastic Free July update no 3. – Easy Beauty Product Swaps

Taking on this challenge I knew that at some point I will need to get some shampoo, cosmetics and cleaning products. Researching more into it, there are tonnes and tonnes of resources out there which, if you are more into zero waste, provide you with recipes on DIY cleaning and beauty products. I have prepared […]

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Advice of the day

Nothing’s better then starting a day with 30 min Yoga and easy and fast breakfast to give me that energy I need for study. A little advise to all that are looking for a quick and tasty Mayo replacement, I have found this gem Vegenaise. I believe you can find this in most wholefoods stores […]

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