Thought- getting an exercise routine.

So, I have been aspiring to get more physically fit ever since I did my first ever Wolfrun, about four years ago. I have already been climbing back then for a bit, did some yoga practice at home and occasionally did a small arm or core workout, but everything was all over the place. I […]

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What to do if I can’t run?

Beacon Hill Topscope Longbridge Walk

I have been doing around the time it started, he have unofficially diagnose me with tibia stress fracture.
All the joys, no more running for 6 weeks, just loads ice and chill for my leg 😦
So what do I do if I can’t put much pressure or consistent impact on my left tibia …

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Road trip to Wales and climbing at Holyhead.

Trad Rock Climbing at Holyheat, Anglesea, Wales UK

With only 3 hour car journey to the North West side of Snowdonia, North Wales is the perfect place for a chilled weekend, that can be filled with climbing, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, kayaking and sightseeing the amazing coast . I am very fortunate to belong in a climbers club that owns a cosy little […]

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EGX 2019

Euro Gamer Expo is something me and my sister have been attending together every year since 2011. It’s a 4 day gaming convention in England where you get to check out and play games, and just chill with your friends. This years venue was ExCel London, where last few years it was run in the […]

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First Parkrun and trip to Haddon Hall

Over past year quiet few people I know have expressed how much they enjoy Parkruns which happens all around the country in different location every Saturday at 9:00am. Since I’m really not a runner I didn’t think this will be something that will suit me but I have decided to give them a go anyways […]

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Autumn Wolf Run 2019

So I have been training for months, running at least once a week, getting ready for this years Autumn 10k wolf run with some of my Bowline Climbing Club buddies. I’m personally not a runner so I find the whole training thing very painful, but months of consistent running at least once a week definitely […]

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