Climbing at Smoke Bluffs- Squamish

Last weekend I was fortunate to find a climbing buddy willing to drive me and him to Squamish for my first outdoor climbing session this year and in Canada overall. The weather was inviting and I have been dying to go outdoors, especially in Squamish. My climbing partner for the day was a very experienced […]

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The most incredible encounter- Orcas, the killer whale

As I stood there looking more to the east, I head a big wushhh sound right from the west so I quickly looked around, and right there, as clear as the Pacific ocean is, there were 4 orcas AKA the Killer Whales!!!

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Climbing at Harborough Rocks Derbyshire

Harborough Rocks Derbyshire

Most of us climbers are very keen on climbing ASAP but we still have to stay cautious and alert due to Covid-19. Of course, there is already a number of us out there climb/ boulder, keeping to the social distancing measures of course. This time we have visited Harborough Rocks which consists of some small trad climbing routes and some exciting bouldering/ free climbing problems. Very good for beginners…

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Road trip to Wales and climbing at Holyhead.

Trad Rock Climbing at Holyheat, Anglesea, Wales UK

With only 3 hour car journey to the North West side of Snowdonia, North Wales is the perfect place for a chilled weekend, that can be filled with climbing, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, kayaking and sightseeing the amazing coast . I am very fortunate to belong in a climbers club that owns a cosy little […]

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