Vegan quinoa energy bars

I saw this nice looking video of the quinoa protein bar recipe on Facebook posted by So Vegan, which I thought looked easy and fun to make, so as you can see from the picture below this is my result. It definitely worked amazing as a day snack at work, it’s tasty and nutritious, and it helps us cut down on the plastic we get from snack bard from the shop.

Click here to the protein bar recipe. It’s super easy, tasty and fun to make. I pretty much followed the instructions but I think you can mix around the different nuts and fruits you want to use.

Besides the chocolate I have used for the topping, all ingredients were available in the Nada– the zero waste shop in Leicester. If you are local you should check this place out. Their prices are fair and they have a very wide range of dry foods that you can fill up your containers with and store away 🙂