For The Planet

DIY Beeswax Wraps

An easy way to make a reusable food wrapping or a container lid without the plastic.

Reducing Plastic Waste on Beauty Products

Pointers to a more mindful Beauty Product buying.

Quinoa Energy Bar

Very simple and tasty treat for work, busy day out or adventure in the wild.

Quinoa and Bean Salad Topper

Great lunch topped for on the go.

Breakfast Muffin Cake

Delicious breakfast/lunch snack, filled with fresh fruit goodness.

Home Made Vegan Gnocchi

Fun and easy way to carb up your dinner. Simple, tasty and for every occasion. Creamy cashew sauce recipe included.

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Zero Waste Shopping

Reduce your impact on consumption waste by making small changes that will become the most valuable habits, helping our planet.