Snowshoeing in West/North Vancouver

This weekend I have been invited by my housemates to do some snowshoeing at the Cypress Ski resort, which is a part of where I work. Even though we have not had a fresh snowfall for a while it turned out to be an amazing day out.

I started the day with some early morning breakfast with the sun shining through the window. I wasn’t really feeling too pumped for going out actually. Maybe I was tired out from work but I was hoping getting out there will give me the extra kick for the day.

Drive to the venue was pretty easy peasy and after we sorted out gear rental and passes, we started walking up. I couldn’t stop crying because the sun was just too bright reflecting off the snow, I couldn’t see anything. 😅 I do need to buy some cheap sunglasses for these occasions.

Polish Vegan Racuchy with bananas and apples
Polish Vegan Racuchy with bananas and apples

After walking for a bit, my friend noticed a bird that she saw previously while snowshoeing in the area, and she said if we have some food to offer, the bird will happily sit on your hand to eat it. I was like HELL YES, let me try!!! I literally just stuck my hand out with some bread and one flew on my hand out of nowhere and I barely caught a glimpse of it. I think I was standing out for like 8 minutes with my hand out feeding all these cute birds ( later on I found out they are Grey Jays). OMG I was in heaven!!! I love connecting with nature so this was an amazing experience. Felt like that was a special moment for me. After that, we came across a few spots where people would rest and you would see these birds hanging around waiting for someone to give them something to peck on. I managed to get some cute photos as well which is always a plus.

Grey Jay
Grey Jay

The trickiest part of the walk was getting to the very top. The snow was so hard and icy in some places we really had to dig in our snowshoes to secure ourselves. If you fall at this point you are most likely end up sliding down a fair bit or into someone.

At the very top, we saw a few more grey jays, few ravens and one bald eagle. The view was pretty spectacular facing the BC mountains. The other side that was facing Vancouver island was covered with fog unfortunately but I’m sure that would be an amazing view as well.

After taking some pictures, feeding some birds and feeding ourselves 😁, we headed down, which is where the very FUN part of the trip started.

To get back down you can try and walk down, but since it’s very steep there is a much more innovative way for it which is sliding on our asses! A bit painful, but much faster and super fun. Makes you feel like a child again lol. I’m just glad I didn’t rip my pants cause my bum would just freeze and it would not be a nice sight lol.

Cypress Mountain Snowshoeing

Walk map

Cypress Mountain Snowshoeing
Cypress Mountain Snowshoeing
British Columbia Mountains view

As we got back to the car park to head home around 3:30 pm, we got caught in the worst traffic! Took us like 2 hours to get home, what should be like a 35 min car trip. It was definitely worth it. I have also decided to get my driving licence changed to BC one now and just start looking at renting Evo cars for a day trips out. Might be a while before I do that but it’s now on my list. Public transport can only take me so far.

View of the city of Vancouver
View of the Vancouver city, Stanley Park and Lions Gate bridge.

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