By the end of the month, I have noticed the amount of experimenting and improvising put in to replace the ready-made foods I use the most, normally available in predominantly or partially plastic packaging. Veggies, fruits, seeds and legumes are easy to get a hold of at the zero waste shops, but things like milk, tofu, burger patties, sausages and bread. Mum even maid this lovely rye bread from dark rye flour we have bought online, 25kg for £21.50, which I think is a really good deal.

Milk, making I must say was very easy but time consuming.

To get rid of the bean taste and bitterness of the soy, I ended up blending the beans with very hot water, sieving them as much as possible and adding a good pinch of sea salt and vanilla sugar for the taste. I think it has been working out OK and with foods such as cereals, it doesn’t taste much different to store-bought milk. I have decided that homemade milk tastes much better as tofu than a store-bought one. Since I have plenty of beans left I’ll probably continue making tofu more often, and the Okara left after making the milk can be used in so many ways that it’s all worth the effort.

More veggie burgers made with leftover Okara, red kidney beans, sweet potato, sweetcorn, green peas, carrot, onion, garlic and loads lively season.

And when you are tired of burgers in a bun why note make toasted garlic and herb croutons for your salad. What you need to do is just cut or rip your buns into small/medium chunks, season as you wish and place on a hot pan with a little oil. Toss them around a little bit so they get brown on each side and vuala, tasty croutons made in about 10 minutes. No need for shop-bought ones that are normally sold in plastic packaging.

Apple cake has been my go to sweet snack for the month. It has all these lovely summery flavours from seasonal apples and other fruit of choice, vanilla sugar, sweet cinnamon, soft cake base and nutty crumble on top. I might have to do a separate post about this as I just absolutely love this cake, and it is so easy to make.

Fresh made burger buns are always great as you can freeze them and when defrosted they are as good as new.

When I didn’t have any burger buns left, I just picked one of my favourite veggies, which is aubergine, and made up my own burgers. Just lush.

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Greetings my dear reader. My name is Natalia and I am a 28-year-old Marketing with Advertising graduate from around the Midlands in England. I love to travel and do loads of road trips, but above everything, I love climbing adventures with my climbing buddies. With this blog, I would like to be able to note down my thoughts and share my adventures I can look back at in years’ time with a smile on my face. I am also on a search for more exciting adventures and self-development. Since I absolutely adore natural world I also want to develop my knowledge and skills to reduce as much waste as I can that is bad for the environment. I like feedback and others input so I always want to hear other people’s experiences and ideas.

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