Road trip to Scotland and hiking Ben Nevis.

Scotland and hiking Ben Nevis have been on my bucket list for about a year now, and I have finally ticket that box. After hiking Snowdon couple of times and finally getting the Scafell Pike summit this year, it seems like this has to be something I achieve before I move onto bigger things in 2020.

I started my 4 day journey with a late drive from Loughborough at 16:00pm direct to Fort William Glen Nevis Campsite which I reached at about 01:30am. It was a very long, tiring and I guess a bit dangerous drive, so I truly do not advise driving that distance that late alone.

REMEMBER!  Tiredness Kills! So please drive safe.

Luckily I got there in one piece. I did take about 4 stops on the way.

Here are some pictures of my little road trip to Scotland.

Day 1. Camp set up and day at Harry Potter bridge and Isle of Skye

The first night I got to Glen Nevis Campsite I didn’t actually booked up, so I just slept in my car instead at the campsite car park. I have done this before so I felt quiet comfortable and safe. As soon as the campsite opened I was aloud to set up my tent which was nice as they said you can normally only set up after 11:00am. After that I made some awesome camp food and snacks and squeezed in a little nap.

Since I wanted to explore as much as I can I didn’t give myself too much time to rest and I headed out towards Glenfinnan to find the enchanting Harry Potter bridge, and later on decided to drive down to Mallaig to catch a ferry to Isle of Sky. Might as well when I’m in the area right.

Everything has gone into plan beside missing my 16:00pm ferry to Armadale, meaning I got to Isle of Sky very late. I was a but upset as I know I have missed the beautiful coast that it has to offer in the day light. I guess I will just have to come back there one day in far future.

Day 2. Walking the wire bridge and hiking behind Ben Nevis

Before heading out to Scotland I have asked my very experienced and adventurous climbing club buddies for some advice on some of the things I could do and see while I’m in the North of the country.

I have had some amazing ideas come through, and one great suggestion that fit the current weather forecast was hiking around Steall Gorge behind Ben Nevis, checking out the Steall Waterfall and crossing the Wire Bridge.

While crossing the bridge I felt like I am doing some awesome GoApe activity but with no safety, which felt very intense. I saw few people do it so I thought why not. It was super fun and safe really. I definitely advise on checking it out.

Unfortunately to continua on that trail I had to cross the Steall Waterfall at it’s base, but due to some water fall over the previous days it was just too wet, and I could not afford getting my boots soaked before Ben Nevis hike the next day. I decided to head back on the trail before bridge, heading east along the valley an after couple of kilometre I headed back down. I did about 19,300 steps that day so I’m happy with that warm up before Ben.

Day 3. Hiking Ben Nevis

This was the BIG Ben Nevis Day.

We have started the hike at the Glen Nevis Camp site at around 10:30am with some cloudy weather, taking the mountain path, and it took us about 3 hours 30/40 min to get to the top. It was a bit windy and rainy at some points, but it was not until on the way down when the hail have decided to hit us hard. I think me and my friends were very happy it happened on the way down, as if it hailed on the way up we would just turn back around without reaching the summit. You just really don’t know what the weather will do at high altitude.

The whole hike took us about 6 hours 30 min, 32,000 steps which was just over 11 miles. I enjoyed this whole experience lot in a great company on my old uni buddies.

I have been wanting to do do Ben Nevis from the North side, walking up on the North Ridge, but with the weather being unclear and wind changing a lot it would be silly to risk our lives just to do that rout. I feel like me being hiking a bit, I’m still inexperienced to lead on a trail like that. Better Safe than sorry. And we did get some great views of Loch Linnhe and Fort William on the way. Definitely got the North side walk on my bucket list as it’s good to have goals 🙂

Day 4. Return trip and passing through Edinburgh

I decided to head out quiet early to catch some nice views of the Glencoe path and pop into Edinburgh as I have been told it’s a lovely city to visit.

I must say from all that I have seen on TV and the Scottish accents that I have heard I was a bit scared I will not be able to understand some of the Scottish people there and I would offend them, but definitely it was not a case. I think everyone spoke very clear everywhere I’ve been.

Edinburgh was definitely a very touristy city. Very old and very pretty in some places. I have also managed to squeeze in a visit to a Vegan restaurant called Holy Cow and ordered a Pulled Jackfruit Burger with chips and a Banoffee Pie for a desert. Very yummy indeed. Perfect meal to end my road trip.

After this I began my long journey back on the A1 with some nice views of the coast line, and I have managed to get home at about 10:30 which left me enough time to sort myself out.


It is amazing how much you can get done in 4 days time.

Sometimes it worth not waiting for the perfect moment or the perfect plan. Just have your main goals set for your trip and all other adventures will follow. Just keep yourself open to all possibilities.

Scotland has been beautiful and just mind opening to how much I love hiking high summits and the natural beauty this Earth has to offer. World can be beautiful sometimes in its simplest forms is what I like to say. We are all surrounded buy so much media and constant information thrown into our minds, stepping back into the nature helps me regenerate and think clearly, making me ready more more hard work in real world.

Onto the next adventure 🙂


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Greetings my dear reader. My name is Natalia and I am a 28-year-old Marketing with Advertising graduate from around the Midlands in England. I love to travel and do loads of road trips, but above everything, I love climbing adventures with my climbing buddies. With this blog, I would like to be able to note down my thoughts and share my adventures I can look back at in years’ time with a smile on my face. I am also on a search for more exciting adventures and self-development. Since I absolutely adore natural world I also want to develop my knowledge and skills to reduce as much waste as I can that is bad for the environment. I like feedback and others input so I always want to hear other people’s experiences and ideas.

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