Climbing at Matlock Wildcat crag.

Another awesome evening climbing.

This is in Matlock Derbyshire, awesome drive along the river and amazing views from the top of the rocks. I didn’t have a way to take my phone with me to the top to take pictures but it was lovely. Nice place to go over a weekend for walks about.

Climbing wise it’s a limestone rock mostly 50m high, with many small holds and nice footholds quiet fun to climb. We have only managed to do 2 climbs as it was late. One VD and one VS. I should really start noting which climbs I actually have done 😅.

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Greetings my dear reader. My name is Natalia and I am a 28-year-old Marketing with Advertising graduate from around the Midlands in England. I love to travel and do loads of road trips, but above everything, I love climbing adventures with my climbing buddies. With this blog, I would like to be able to note down my thoughts and share my adventures I can look back at in years’ time with a smile on my face. I am also on a search for more exciting adventures and self-development. Since I absolutely adore natural world I also want to develop my knowledge and skills to reduce as much waste as I can that is bad for the environment. I like feedback and others input so I always want to hear other people’s experiences and ideas.

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